Trillion Trees Initiative for biodiversity, global greening and worldwide reforestation

Deforestation has serious effects on the environment climate changes, droughts, desertification, land degradation, floods and global warming are the largest results of mass deforestation and environmental destruction around the world. It has brought climate and weather systems out of balance. To that end, Greening Deserts, a private initiative and organization dedicated to reforestation on a global scale, started the Trillion Trees initiative in 2018. The goal is very simple, establish greening and forestation camps to plant millions or billions of trees each year. Greening Deserts Cleantech and Greentech developments like Greening Drones and Seeding Balloons will support the global greening process. It can be done faster together with other similar projects and encouraging people across the globe. It’s not just about planting a trillion trees and many other important plants. It is about biodiversity, grasslands, mixed forests, wetlands, specific ecosystem restoration, environmental protection and species protection. It could noticeably balancing the climate and improving weather in future. Global Cooling with Global Greening is not just possible, it is very realistic and the most effective solution — especially in relation to the costs, energy and time. Another important points are environmental education, climate adaption, mitigation, resilience and sustainability.

The initiative is based on work by the founder Oliver Gedmiminas Caplikas, who founded Greening Deserts in 2016, he is already successful with several businesses and organizations dedicated to environmental protection. He has previously founded and initiated innovative projects like Agrophotovoltaik, Desert Bamboo Africa, Greening Coasts, Greening Drones, Greenhouse Ship, Green Ring Africa, Great Green Wall North Africa, Seeding Balloon and Transparent Solar Greenhouses. The Trillion Trees Initiative is his most expansive and far reaching to date. There are many conservation groups who planning massive tree planting actions. Greening Deserts supporting them by usefull experiences, information and exemplary experiences. Many organisations and people were inspired by the projects.

“Trees are absolutely vital to life on our planet. They reduce negative climate changes, deforestation, on a large scale — especially in human-made deserts, drylands, savanna and wastelands. Inviting nations, organisations, personalities and institutions since years and many have shown interest. You are also welcome to join the projects and greening initiative. Let’s make the world green again, together,” said Caplikas.

Caplikas has previously used his skills in environmental conservation and management to restablish greenlands and wastelands with plants designed to thrive in harsh conditions. The Trillion Trees Initiative will, in part, design greening and research camps for green spots to cultivate all the plants and trees are needed. Ground cover, flower trees, wild grasses, wild flowers and medicinal plants are all part of the planting concept. Together with soil improving plants top soil layers will be created in just a few years — the basis for the following tree plantations and mixed forests. Seeds and seed balls can be dropped by seeding balloons and seeding drones.

Each planting requires a base camp with team. This lays the necessary foundation for what is set to follow. Base camps can also be in urban areas, city forests and gardens — especially community and rooftop gardens. Many ambassadors, ministers, trade commissioners, scientists and experts are invited to join Greening Deserts campaigns, initiatives and projects during the formative years.

Many scientists confirm that Greening Deserts concepts and projects, for example to plant a trillion trees reduce human-made climate change effects and global warming worldwide. With financial support and backing, the project could start with forestation and greening, especially of drylands or wastelands in Africa and Europe.

“It is important for us to restore and improve biodiversity in so many parts of the world including urban areas. We plan to plant more wild flowers and flower trees, especially for the bees, birds and other animals who need trees to survive. Greening Deserts projects goals are mainly to restore natural landscapes like mixed forests, grasslands and wetlands — to bring back biodiversity, clean air, topsoils and water. Reduce and stop deforestation in near future, replace wood with other sustainable materials like rice straw,” continued Caplikas.

Awareness programmes, communications letters and statements are already shared with thousands of worldwide governments, institutions and organisations since summer, autumn and winter 2019. At the end of the year a special species protection project was launched — the Critically Endangered Species (CES-RPP) research and protection program. The focus is on the most endangered species and keystone species. Humanity must find and protect more the keystone species, especially on which many other life forms depend on. We have not much time to prevent the mass extinction — humans included.

Diverse collaborations, cooperations, partnerships and sponsorships are possible. Feel free to contact by the official channels and pages on Greening Deserts and Trillion Trees network. Connect with the project also on social networks, be a part of the community and this outstanding movement.

Short Summary:

Greening Deserts economical, educational, cultural, social, scientific and sustainable projects have really big potential to reduce human-made climate change effects, deforestation, droughts, desertification, land degradation, floods and global warming worldwide. The projects can improve biodiversity, ecosystems, healthy environments, sustainable agriculture and ecological forestry, cleantech and greentech developments. Many ambassadors, experts, ministers, trade commissioners, institutions and scientists were invited since 2018 to join the Trillion Trees Initiative.

The Greening Deserts Trillion Trees Initiative and Greening Camps are mainly for plant breeding and species protection. Useful plants and trees will be cultivated, especially critically endangered species and plants who are needed in each concerned region. Together with soil improving plants top soil layers will be created in just a few years — the basis for the following tree plantations and mixed forests. Building a basic camp with a little team needs approx three to nine months, depends on the conditions and region. Greening and forestation of each concerned region starts from the very beginning, so like planting trees for the first parks. Bigger camps can get an Energy Storage Park with a solar park, water park and or wind park. Smaller camps will have of course solar energy and water supply, too. There are many developments and other projects connected, most of them will be realised with the camps. It is also interesting for urban areas, city forests and urban farming — especially community gardens, rooftop gardens, organic gardening and vertical farming.

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Trillion Trees Initiative

Greening Deserts Trillion Trees Initiative can reduce climate change, deforestation, desertification and global warming on a large scale.